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The Pentagonal tower
La Casermetta
A part of history
Sala Goethe entrance

The Scaligero castle

Whether arriving by land or by lake the castle immediately catches your eye. Sturdy yet dreamlike, with its 31 metre high pentagonal tower it dominates all of Malcesine and the surrounding area. It’s background is served by the chromatic blue of the lake and green of the Monte Baldo mountains.

The original building date is not documented though it is believed to have taken place during the reign of the Longobards however it is known of many modifications, restorations and additions to the original edifice made by the various rules of the area over the centuries. The castle was destroyed by enemy armies and rebuilt with emphasis on the defensive position of the castle for the town. The mane Scaligero has its roots in the name of the noble family Della Scala from Verona, who dominated the area in 1280.The castle then fell into the Lands of the Venetian Republic who improved the defensive system on the lake front.

Then came the French followed by the Austrians in 1780 who made further important modifications to the entire structure, and thus became the castle we se before us today.

Having strolled through the picturesque cobble stoned alleyways of the town you reach the entrance to the castle having passed through the gateway into a courtyard you see on your left the “Casermetta”. At one time the guardhouse this building is now home to the Natural History of Garda and Monte Baldo museum.
Taking the stairway to the right you reach the “Polveriera” room, built by the Austrians and now called the “Sala Goehte”. Inside is a brief resume of the pictures and drawings that this great poet-artist dedicated to Lake Garda and Malcesine during his Italian journey.

Crisscrossing the castle courtyard you will find a well and many walkways looking our from the castle walls. The next room is the “Residenza Scaligera” (the scaligera residence) which houses and interesting exhibition dedicated to the history of fishing on the lake. Under the paving two rooms have been discovered on the floor below, though their use remains unknown.

Continuing up the stairs your reach the “Sala Congressi”, (Congress hall) which houses art exhibitions and the tower. Stair to the top of the tower pass through platforms which allow time to pause and rest before continuing the climb. The original tower was much longer than now. The fifth floor has six windows carved into the thick stone walls, which give a taste of the fantastic views from the top of the tower. Here you will also see a large bell manufactured in 1442 and positioned in 1909 by the town hall as a time piece striking the hour for the towns people.
Scaligera Residence entrance
A view from the tower
Gardens surrounding the castle