Monte Baldo, the garden of Europe

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Monte Baldo, the garden of Europe.

The coastline of Lake Garda is made unique by the mountain range which at times appears wild and austere at others rolling and gentle. Its varies totally in shape and form, climate and flora.

Few alpine mountain ranges have such ambiental diversity as Monte Baldo. It ranges from sub-mediterranean at lake level rising through to typical alpine flora.

The highest point is Cima Valdritta which stands at 2218 mts. And has a pronounced outline. It’s surface rock is Jurassic and covers layers of dolomite and Triassic rocks which breaks through at times. The rock face without vegetation, drops sharply west into the lake.

The fascination of this majestic mountain range lies in it’s main attraction the flora. So much so that Monte Baldo is quite correctly defined as the “Botanic Garden of Europe” . Botanical studies have been carried out since the 16th century and since Monte Baldo was excluded from the last ice age endemic plants have been conserved. Overlooking lake Garda this is one of the most wonderful environments in the alpine area. The 360 views of great distance and unrivalled beauty are world renowned. For those who do not suffer from agoraphobia the feeling other than surprise is one of well-being almost over whelming and euphoric for some.
Snow on the mount top
Riva from Mount Baldo