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Monte Baldo, the garden of Europe
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Sunset over Malcesine
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Lake side road
Cable car from Baldo
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What to do and how to spend the day in Malcesine:

It is never too hot or too cold in Malcesine. In this mild climate on a sunny spring or summer day you will not be at a loss on how to pass the time.
The central position of the hotel offers as a perfect alternative to a siesta by the pool, a beautiful lakeside walk.
Just 5 minutes from the hotel is the lakeside promenade which heads south for 4-5 kms to the picturesque village of Cassone or north through the town of Malcesine you can continue along the lakeside to Navene and the Yacht club.
Either way if you have had enough walking for the day the return journey can be made by the public bus service which passes on the main road about once an hour.
If the noise of the lapping of the waves bother you in alternative you could try a walk in the olive groves and countryside. 200 meters from the hotel the Panorama road leads up into the hills above Malcesine taking you down into the town from the opposite side. The Panorama has little traffic and winds up through the olives and hillside mule tracks lead through the beautiful countryside of this rich and varied land.
By taking the cable car to its half way point, San Michele, you can take the easy way out of this hike and just do the downhill walk. The only elements that may disturb the peace and quit are the bird song, the crickets on a hot day or the breeze rustling the leaves of the olives.
Worth a mention is the marvellous Monte Baldo known as the Botanic Garden of Europe, due to the wide variation of Mediterranean flora and rare alpine plant life.
Numerous tracks well sign posted or shown on detailed maps, follow various rooster through woodland dells and plains of incomparable beauty.
We are proud of our majestic mountains and like the numerous tourists that choose to visit and discover its many wonders, we love and respect the environment.
It is easy to reach the summit travelling on the new cable car which opened in July 2002.
With its rotating cabins it take just 10 minutes to travel from 90 meters above sea level to 1800 meters at the mountain tops where fantastic panoramas and lake views can be enjoyed in the cool clear mountain air..

Sports and keeping in form in Malcesine.

Whether you are a sport fanatic or a simply like making the most of the fresh clean air, during your stay at the Casa Popi you will find that there are may opportunities for a variety of activities.
First and foremost of course is the opportunity to swim in the cool , clear waters of the lake. The depth of the lake and constant flow of fresh water from numerous alpine rivers which feed the lake principally the river Sarca which carries the melting snow from the Brenta Dolomites, assures optimum water condition. Staying on the water it is possible to participate in some gentle canoeing along the lake shore, or for the more energetic try windsurfing, kite- surfing, water- skiing and of course yachting. It is possible to follow a beginners course of simply hire the equipment required.
The new yachting club, functional and modern in design will supply for all the needs of keen Yachters, from courses for all levels, rental of equipment and buoys, exciting championship races to observe and perhaps even meet world famous champions who have made their names in the water of lake Garda.
The constant winds which follow a regular cycle from north to south permit the practice of these water sports but also promise optimum conditions for “sailing in the air”!
The cable car will take you to the top of Monte Baldo an ideal trampoline for take off for spectacular paragliding over the most beautiful scenery in Italy, to land at reserved landing points by the edge of the lake.
The cable car also caters for mountain bike lovers. Special runs in the morning and evening will transport the bikes which can then follow the numerous mountain and hillside ways. They are undoubtably challenging but the fatigue of pushing oneself to the limit to ride down the mountainside through forests and glens with the sun on our face and the stupendous lake panorama ahead is worth every minute for the tremendous sense of satisfaction it gives.
Guides and maps found in the hotel will show various possibilities both lake front and behind “Monte Baldo” to the east will prove that Malcesine is not only shopping in the town and eating out in the evening but nature and scenery at it’s very best.